03 June 2013

Ask Us A Question!

 Hey Woozens! It's kpkeila here with you today -- and I'm officially OFF my break! Yup you heard it, back from a 4 day vacation in Austin, TX... Wait a second.. You missed me right? Ok... back to the point. Today will be the day that we answer all your questions-- and also the day that all the prizes of any contest will be
be issued out to all of my lovely winners! So to get back on track. You all have questions. You are DYING to ask us, but you're afraid -- plus you will have to say it out in PUBLIC. All the critisisim and strangers, just browsing through your questions. Creepy right? Well get a load of this-- today is YOUR day to GET FROM BEHIND THAT SCREEN (Not really) and ASK us a question! In the from below ----)    (I think you might need Flash) You will be able to ask your question, to any blogger of you choice. Below follows the rules-----


  • If your going to use profanity, at LEAST block it out!
  • Try to keep your questions WOOZWORLD related, please.
  • There is no limit on the number of questions you ask!
  • You need to have an ACTIVE account, because we will message you (On woozworld) our response back to you.
  • If you want us to e-mail your response, provide it along with your question.
  • Feel free to ask whatever you want!
  • Be an ultimate Voicer.

I guess that's all. Bye!
~Your Admin/ Leader in charge, kpkeila