11 November 2013

New Blogger + Comeback + My Cousin's Youtube Channel

Hi people... I'm pretty sure nobody visits this site anymore, but i'm xXAidanXx and since I play Woozworld and Kayla doesn't anymore, she told me if I could continue her blog. well I'm not a blogger person but she just about taught me the basics of blogging so I agreed to give it a shot...

Let me introduce myself I guess
Woozworld Name: xXAidanXx
Real Name: Aidan
Age: 15
Interests: Computers, Woozworld, Iphones. Editing, Eating Donuts, Texting Leslie.

I'm not that much of a talkative person so I'm just gonna move right on

We will be recruiting new staff and hopefully a new banner along with another admin
Oh, and since Kpkeila is right here while i'm writing this (and she's helping me write it as well) she's gonna write now.. o-0
Hey everybody! I'm kpkeila and I  was visiting my old memories with woozworld and what not, so I visited the blog. When I found out that people were still coming here, I checked the stats and 40 people visited this site today!

I realized what a treasure I was giving up here and since I don't have the time nor patience to maintain this site i'm giving the rights to my big cousin Aidan since he plays Woozworld.

And...... (not done yet)
I wanted to tell you guys what i'm doing in real life!!!

Okay so as most of you PROBABLY know, I love The Sims. ever since ive gotten into video editing  I decided to combine my talents together and make a Sims 2 Voice Over Series. I haven't made my channel yet but when I do I will post the name of it here! I also do custom made banners:

Until Next Time!