11 December 2015

Quest Answers

Woozworld Cats' Quest

hey C:
i am Allie (appleblueberry) and i am one of the newest bloggers for the Woozworld Voice! I will be posting answers to quests/mazes etc.I will post themed ones (like the winter ones) and ones like those from 'Hall of Quests'. My first one is the Cats' Quest. Below is a video of myself going through the quest with the answers (answers are played back to you at the end) or if you scroll down they will be below the video C:

Cats' Quest answers
  1. 26
  2. Bastet
  3. Turkey
  4. 9
  5. Maneki-neko
  6. Sylvester
  7. Crookshanks
  8. Feet
  9. False
  10. Crystal

(i know this layout looks very awkward but this is my first post)