05 January 2016

Action Loops Woozworld

so if you haven't seen on those little banner things on the bottom right hand corner this one is frequently popping up:
everyone is wondering: what is action loops? 

well i am at least C': I am not sure whether it is something new but it will probably most likely be something that has occurred in previous years. I wouldn't know because last year this time I  was having a break from woozworld (mid-way last year i started playing more). 

Hopefully we will find out soon what action loops is. And i will post updates. 
I am also excited for new outfits in store because then hopefully all those RAD december outfits will be tradeable (trying to save up). And check out new clothes in shopz. 
Congratulations to the woozworld voice also for getting 30k views! be sure to check out the giveaway!!! 

Xx Appleblueberry (creating new sign off picture because a reindeer wouldn't be suitable at this time of year xD)