07 January 2016

Max's Woozolution Quest answers woozworld

If you didn't see my last post there are new quests and you can complete a woozolution for them for each woozband C: 

here is a video of how to do it:

If you would rather not watch the video here are steps (after you select Max's box):
1. go to the library in lib street
2. go to the curiosity quiz unit in feautured unitz

1) 30  2) 1969 3)mesopotamia 4) 03/09/2016 5) benjamin franklin  6)new zealand
7) blond  8) bat  9) the milky way
3. take a pictue ("selfie") in the unit
4. complete the "ask aunt wikipedia about maxwooz" in activity center (10min)
5. go to wntm unit then go to the central plaza and click on the door for The comic shop
6. type in : Maximilian it will then take you into that unit
7. go to wooznewz hq and click on the podz thing that says "what makes you curious

Congratulations and keep updated for when i post about the other woozbands!

XxX Appleblueberry