07 January 2016

woozolution (woozworld)

 So if you haven't noticed, there is a new quest: "what's your woozolution"
For this you can select to do Mya's, Jay's, Jenny's or Max's. All of them have a quest/quiz.
After you have completed all the quests for one of them you will get a symbz and achievement and will then be able to complete the others.

I will post a video showing how to do everything for all of them (Separately) and just instructions for the quests/quizzes .

Be sure to check out the "Quizzes and Quests" section for those answers! I hope you do well and complete them all and don't find it too challenging!

Xx Appleblueberry (still coming up with sign off picture) (they won't be on there atm i will need to post them first so keep checking)