05 February 2016

New Store Outfits

Sorry for not posting, I was going to have a tutorial on how to complete the Arctic Fest but I never got around to making the video and most people have probably done it. If you have questions about it message me on woozworld (Appleblueberry).

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So if you haven't noticed this weeks new outfits have come out:
To be honest (tbh) for me these aren't the best outfits they have done. I wouldn't buy them.. .
Anyways my favourite would be Valentina (the dress) or Anos (top). Also if you haven't noticed ,they obviously have listened to us, and not put outfits which aren't just sold separately in other packs.

There is also a new section in shopz which obviously comes round annually: the Valentine section. Instead of showing you everything which is in it here are the new stuff:

See You Around Woozworld!!
XxX Appleblueberry