11 March 2016

Woozworld Australia Quiz Answers

So if you didn't notice when you log into woozworld, on the wooz newz, there is a 'join Jenny' button. If you select it it starts a train of quests. However, they stop working at number 4/5.
Here are the Quiz answers:

written answers:
1. Canberra
2. Eucalyptus
3. true
4. oceania
5. 6
6. kangaroo
7. 70
8. canine

The prize is 25beex and 25wooz (for non-vips). Also, if you don't want to complete the quiz just click the prize box when in queue.

Thanks for reading or watching. Keep updated with the blog when I post the full walkthrough steps/ video!

xXx Appleblueberry