15 March 2016

Jay's German Getaway

as you know (or I hope you do) when you log into woozworld and the newz comes up there was a 'join jenny' where you helped her with her Australian stuff (there was a quiz). I never got around to posting a full video walkthrough so here it is:

Now once you complete that (a couple days after Join Jenny was released, Join Jay was released) there is a Join Jay button where we follow him on his "path" to Germany. These quests don't have a maze/quiz they are just following the green link buttons and at the end buying something from the store from Germany section (lowest priced thing is 5wooz).
Incase you are having trouble with the quests here is a video:

I think they could've added something more like a quiz/maze to make it more of a challenge.. . But oh well hopefully Mya's and Max's do.

Don't forget to check out the new section in shopz 'spring break'. Also, each time we "go" to a new country a new sub section is added.

Thanks for reading/watching
xXx Appleblueberry