04 March 2016

Once Upon a Wooz Part 2 (walkthrough)

So finally it is March 2nd (or 3rd) and you can continue Once Upon a Wooz quests (YAY).
Here is a video walkthrough:

Or if you prefer instructions:

1. follow the link and click on the TINY door
2. click the link and keep follow the rabbit/bunny
3. click the tiny door and click in front of the slabs with the blue bit:

4. follow the links
5.  follow the link and click the door
6. wear a symbz from valentines section (you should have one from the previous set)
7. follow the link
THE END- You are done
The prize was 1000beex and 250wooz. I don't know why they gave such a large prize (compared to others). Maybe because we had to wait? Anyways...

Thanks for watching/reading I hoped I helped.