18 March 2016

Woozworld OmEGGaz Quest Walkthrough

So as you know easter is almost here! For that, there are new quests on woozworld- OmEGGaz
However, after you complete the first part (the part I'm showing you today), you have to wait until March 23rd WT. Similar to Once Upon a Wooz I guess.
Just so you know, to complete this quest you have to have the bunny outfit which is in shopz, under the easter section (picture below)

Here is a video:

Written instructions:

1. Follow the link.
2. Go to the units they say and click the eggs (they are fairly visible if you don't know where they are ask me (AppleBlueBerry) or check out the video)
3. Follow the link.
4. Follow the link and take a photo of yourself in the unit.
5. Follow the link.
6. You can get the outfit in shopz under easter or from mp or you might already have it.
7. Go to a feautured unit with more than 10 people and say something.
8. wait until March 23rd.

Thanks for watching/reading.

XxX Appleblueberry