24 March 2016

Woozworld OmEGGaz Quests Part 2

So finally after the long wait the rest of the OmEGGaz quests have been released (yay)
Here is a video going through the whole thing:

Or here are some steps:
(numbers via what quest number it is)
8. follow the links then click the door (it points at it)
9. follow the link and click at the back:

10. follow the link
11. go to a feautured unit or any unit and wait for these ( to the right) and collect 20 of them by clicking them
12. follow the link
13. complete the maze ( https://youtu.be/tC8KxKnu8SE )

14. follow the link
15. follow the link and click the egg
16. follow the link
17. wear the symbz you get
18. activate you ears and go to a featured unit
19. Go to the shopz, go to easter section, then under easter go to omeggaz section. Buy on of the symbz there

I Hope I Helped You C: Thanks For Reading/Looking/Watching!

xXx Appleblueberry