09 April 2016

Help Woozband - Walkthrough

so if you haven't seen previously, Zeena has been spotted in Woozworld again. Now you can choose to help Zeena or the Woozband. This post is helping the woozband. The problem is that Zeena is planning to overthrow Mya with her new fashion empire.
Hooray for new quests (finally)
By the way once you get to quest number 5 you have to wait until April 14th. I will create and post a video when there are 10 quest parts. In the meantime here are the steps so far:
1. Follow the link to the training centre
2. Follow the link to the jungle
3. Follow the link to the library
4. follow the link to the Jungle
5.  wait until April 14th (Thursday)

I hope I helped if you needed help! Keep updated on Thursday for the rest of it.

xXx Appleblueberry