06 June 2016

New Co-Owners

Hey guys! I’m XP100 and I am your new co-owner of The Woozworld Voice with zak110. Although we are sad to see kpkeila leave, we are excited for a whole new chapter of this blog.
Here is what’s changing:
        More bloggers!
To keep this blog going, we will be recruiting more bloggers. To do this, we will be removing any inactive bloggers who haven’t posted in 2 weeks without any explanation.
2    More Variety!
You asked for it and we’re giving it to you – more varied posts. Soon you will be seeing posts about a huuuuuuuuuge number of different things.
3.      Wooz Voice Magazine
Sadly, due to a lack of editors and other reasons, our beloved Wooz Voice Magazine is going to be discontinued. You can still view the other issues here.

Let me tell you a bit about myself:

And zak110:

 Feel free to contact either Zack or I if you have any questions, either on Woozworld or through our contact form. We hope you still enjoy reading this blog!