19 July 2016

4 Years!

Hey guys, XP100 here.Today marks the 4th year anniversary of The Woozworld Voice. Way back on the 19th of July 2012, kpkeila wrote the first ever post on this blog:
Four years on The Woozworld Voice has heaps of readers, 60 000+ views and an ever-growing team of talented bloggers. Here is a year-by-year recount of what happened on this blog:

2012: kpkeila opened the blog.
2013: More bloggers joined.
2014: Inactive.
2015: Inactive until August 2015.
2016: Ownership transferred to  xp100 and zak110.

On behalf of The Woozworld Voice, I would like to thank all of our readers who keep on coming back for more over and over again. Let's hope that this blog continues to strive into the future!
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