13 January 2017

The WoozPaper Returns:Thoughts and Opinions

Hey guys,

Woozworld has finally returned to the WoozPaper with volume 202. With this new addition, they have brought a brand new layout to the table. Today I will review the new features of this and give you my honest opinions on them.

1. What's Happening

Upcoming events are showed in this section, which is quite helpful. It is good that this is now available here which will be handy for some.
This week's upcoming events include a winter's workshop, mya's birthday and VIP style scoop (photo: woozworld.com)

2. Winners

This one is pretty self-explanatory.

Start of the Week Winner GlamChicSup featured in Volume 201 (photo: woozworld.com)

This volume only shows the winner of star of the week but others may show winners of competitions held by the WoozBand, depending on what ones happen.

3. From the WoozBand

In this part, expect an article from either Max, Jay, Jenny or Mya about some helpful tips or answer some questions by Woozens. In this example, JayWooz shows us a unique unitz by RJustice.

JayWooz writes about a Mona Lisa inspired Unitz (photo:woozworld.com)

4. StreetZ StyleZ

I personally know this one will appeal to a lot of fashion-wise Woozens ready to catch up with all the latest trends. It features, as you would expect, outfits worn by you!

Mya and Jenny in StreetZ StyleZ (photo:woozworld.com)

5. Fansite and 6. Woozen Articles

Here you will see posts from woozworld fansites and ones written by regular Woozens.

Final Verdict

Overall, the WoozPaper redesign is very good. It looks like that it will interest many different people with various topics. 

See you next time!