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Hey Woozens! Are you a fan of the Woozworld Voice? Do you want to become a blogger? Then fill out the form below:
If we think you have what it takes, you will receive an invitation to become a blogger. If not, we'll tell you what you can improve on to try and get in next time. Here are the rules for bloggers:

Make sure to read everything on this page carefully so that you're aware of the rules.
  • After your first post, you have one week to show us what you are capable of.
  • You must be active and post at least once a week
  • Absolutely NO ADVERTISING. That means no linking or talking exclusively about your blog, Instagram, Facebook, etc. (You will be immediately kicked out).
  • No swearing/offensive content in your posts.
  • Be original with your post ideas - if another blogger has already posted about something, don't copy their idea.
  • Have fun! :D

Note: If you get accepted, a message will be sent to you via Woozworld.

Tips on how to get accepted:

1. Your application needs to have proper grammar and punctuation. You need to use commas and periods/full stops.
Proper nouns like Woozworld, Shopz, Woozen, need to be capitalized.

2. If another full-time blogger on this blog already posts what you want to post about, then don't bother applying unless you are going to post in a unique way with some things changed.

3. Don't apply if you're going on vacation shortly after you apply. Instead, wait until you come back.

*Note: it may take up to a week for us to personally respond to your application depending how busy we are.

Good luck!

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