09 January 2015

Camp Harmony Sign Ups!

Hey Guys! It's kpkeila here. (Sorry for the lack of posts.

I'm glad to say that Camp Harmony is coming back! Remember Camp Harmony from Summer 2014? Let's check out the pics...
20 People Came An Hour Early xD

Production Class :)

Dance Class 

Drama Class

Meeting with two new counselors before cooking class.

Camp fire stores...

Dance class (apparently with a girl from Abby Lee)

Music class making noise xD

Well woozens, are you excited for Camp Harmony 2015? Well You should! You can go ahead and sign up by contacting kpkeila, and here are the details:

It will offically open on Tuesday, Janurary 13th, 2015, at 4:00 Wooz Time. Late sign-ups will be every camp day at 5:00 PM Wooz Time, but here is a little list/guide I've give you to keep up with Camp Harmony!
                      Basics Of Camp Harmony!
  • All of the counselors all have a special shirt on so it's easier for you to remember them by. Here's a snapshot of a counselor with the shirt on:
  •   If you register with the camp, you will receive camp newsletters and message when something is going on. Message kpkeila if you'd like to register! 
  • At the end of every week of camp, there is a showcase. The showcase will display what every class learned that week.
  • Everyday, camp starts at 5:30 PM, Wooz Time, and there are no camp days on Sunday.

 The Camp Harmony classes are all divided into three sections: Main, Mini, and Clubs. Each Counselor will be teaching a class. The Main classes are the classes that you are primarily focused on. The minis are the more fun classes that are still serious. Clubs are classes where you chill and counselors encourage you to meet now people. There are 3 main classes: Production, Music, and Drama. 
                                                        Drama Class:
In the Drama class, you'll be doing lots of different things, like plays and other things to really help you in the entertainment industry! At the end of the week showcase every week, the drama club will do something different. That might be a play, or a funny skit or comedy. There is alot of fun stuff about drama class that all the campers love! Some anonymous tips from several drama class attendees:
  1. Always be prepared to do a scene. The counselor picks people out of the audience! xD
  2. I met alot of friends on my first day! I would say be prepared to have fun!
  3. Know your point of views, because one scene the counselor may ask you to be an old lady and then she'll ask you to be a superhero!

                                                                       Music Class:
Music class was one our most popular classes! We almost ran out of instruments! In music class, you'll learn how to play a guitar and play along with other people while remembering sheet music. At the end of the week showcase, the music class will present an original music peice that they have practiced during music class! This class is tons of fun because who knows, the camper next to you playing the electric guitar or leading vocals may be your best friend! Anonymous tips from several class attendees:
  1. Don't come late. Because they take the instruments fast!
  2. You don't need to be prepared for this class. They accept you as is!
  3. You need to have speakers and woozworld sound effects on or else you'll be lost. (beginners mistake)

                                                                     Production Class:

Production class is a great class because all the students will get to make their own music video, film a fake TV news bit, and other non recorded projects as well. Production class take inside the mind of a director, and the teacher (me) will treat each and everyone like a director of their own! Production class won't present anything for the end of the week showcase, but they will be directing it (introducing acts) and recording the showcases. I was only able to interview one person, but here is what this camper said:

  1. I never actually thought about the director! I just think about the people playing in the movie, and this class taught by the owner is a really great class, I reccomend it.

So now that you''ve got an in depth review of the main classes, you'll know which one to pick, because you can only pick one MAIN. Now lets go onto the minis! There are four mini classes: Poetry, Fashion,Cooking.

                                                                     Poetry Class:

 The poetry class mini is another great class, because you will learn poetry as well as well as recite poetry. In addition to that, you get to release all you inner stress and feelings. Not only is this a poetry class, it's like a release class as well, because you can talk to the counselor about anything and she will LISTEN. Alot of campers I noticed were happier after they came out of poetry class! 

                                                                     Cooking Class:
 Cooking class was a VERY popular class, because first, FREE FOODZ! And second, because you get to team up with a partner, and it has to be a partner that you don't know, so that you make friends! The counselor who runs the cooking class will give everyone an assignment, a cooking assignment, and you have to do the most creative thing while using only the items in the kitchen and the oven. She will also give you a time limit, which makes it challenging! And an added bonus - for newcomers who don't know how to deal with food, with get full hands on training! Come to cooking class, and exciting class for everyone.

                                                                     Fashion Club:

 Fashion club is a very cool club. Every now and then, the counselor will bring in new woozens, and you can give them a new makeover and over. Also, every woozen with the most points will donate a clothing item to the two mannequins in the room. At the end of camp, the camper with the most points or participation, will the whole outfit off the manni and wear it to the end of camp showcase! Campers are super excited to go to this class.
Current Fashion club Counselor: imsocoollike

And now that we've gone over the minis, it's time to go over everybody's favorite part, CLUBS! Clubs are the classes where you guys can just sit around and talk about things, like anime club. Our current clubs are: Anime, eventz, support, petz, reading, and nature.

And then after that, we'll either go back to the camp site and tell scary stories, or do game time. These could mean luck races or hide and seek.