18 May 2013

How to... Play Next Top Model

Hey guys! It's me xoxobubblegum again! Today I'm talking to you about hosting a next top model! So I'm sure that A LOT of you have tried to host a next top model to make wooz or beex or even get lots of expensive items. A few tricks to get a popular next top model is to go to the woozworld hot now unitz and invite people there. You also want a nice looking top model unitz like this one (mine): 

You need:

  • Clothes (that's pretty much it)
Here is how it works:

  1. Owner says a them and you dress for it ( say for example summer)
  2. Then, you go on a stage ans the owner says "Inny!" ot "Outtt!"
  3. You click the tile that says in (if you got in) or out (if you got out).
  4. The last theme is best dressed so you dress in your best clothes. If you win that last round, you get a prize!
  5. If you get out, bad luck! Keep on tryinh and you may win next time.

Here are some themes that people use:

  • Summer
  • Winter
  • Party
  • Beach
  • Prom
  • Gender Change
  • Rich/Luxury
  • Animal
  • Chef
  • Doctor
  • Halloween
  • Poor
  • Colour
  • Dress like owner
  • Disco
  • Robot
  • Spring
  • Rare
  • Dress like animator

Remember, there's always the "best dressed" theme at the end or "BD" so make sure you have some totally fab threads for thaat one if you're participating in a next top model. There could also be a best dressed color, where you have to dress completely in a certain color. As long as you have clothes that are rainbow colors, then I guarantee that you'll survive and be fine ;)

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