13 March 2016

Top 5 Rarest Clothes in Woozworld!

                                      1. Deadmau5 Hairs
If you're new to Woozworld you might not know deadmau as well as us. But it was the biggest thing to EVER happen to Woozworld. Unfortunately Deadmau came with a ton of scamming and TONS of people quit from this so they're not transferable anymore.
                     2. Tattoo Sandals (Sandals with Tattoo)
These aren't really for sale usually, people usually trade them. But I asked one woozen (thanks to eunice-1stlover) and if you can get them as an offer, they'll sell for, at lowest, 80k.
                                              3. Filis
Theres a rumor going around that over 1k people quit from being scammed from this. It's not tradeable anymore and theres only 3 of them for sale in marketplace for over 600k beex because they aren't transferable anymore.
                                       4. Esqueleta Face
Even though Woozworld sold this in store for a little it's still pretty rare and maybe even rarer than esq hair.
                      5. Unknown Face and Cat As Hat Hairs

And now a moment of silence for these former rare items...

Doll face was one of the rarest items in Woozworld. At cheapest, you could a badly colored one about 45k beex in marketplace. Then for one Wacky Wednesday Woozworld sold it for 660 wooz. Now it's fallen off the rare list because everyone has it.
Alot of people argured whether esq and Deadmau were the most rare item on Woozworld. I would say Deadmau since it wasn't transferable but the esq was still very very rare. We'll all remember the day esq hair and faces dropped almost half the price in marketplace. *crying emoji*

Which item did you like the best? Did you think it was right for Woozworld to sell the rares? Tell us in the chat box!