26 February 2016

Once Upon a Wooz (walkthrough)

so as you know Once Upon a Wooz is back! Finally we are able to complete the quests. However, it is only a few before we have to wait again. TBH I would've preferred to not have the breaks and do it at a later date where we can do all the quests. So, cutting to the chase, here is a tutorial kind of video I made on how to complete the Prince one, though they are both the same I think but rescuing different people:

or if you would prefer a written explanation:
1) follow the links (I think it is for first 3 quests)
2) visit 5 units with 5 or more people (featured units)
3) follow another link and stand:

4) click on the SMALL door:

5) Get a symbz from the valentines section in shopz (they are tradeable so could get off market - except that is broken) and wear it
6) wait until the 2nd of March WT

Thanks for watching or reading!
(btw I am creating a new sign off picture)