25 April 2016

How to Play: Find the Killer

I haven't posted in so long!
Anyways, i'm back again with another post! "find the killer" (mafia) has been pretty popular the past few days, anyways.. So here are some instructions of how to play this AMAZING game if you don't know how!

First of all, owner secretly picks 1 or 2 killers, 2 polices and one doctor. She privately asks the killer(s) to pick a victim or 2 if there's two killers. This is an example of what would they say: Bella and Anne got killed by the killer, doctor you can only save one person, pc me who to save. The person that the doctor saves, stays in. But sadly, the other person is out. Once there is only 3 people, you do emo or fast type. The person who does it first wins basically. It's a pretty fun game! Once you're definitely sure you got the rules, maybe make your own find the killer! enjoy x.x!

    -Anne (aka kitty)