22 May 2013

Deadmau5 Scam

hey guys! (lol why do i always say that?) So i go online and i search 'free woozworld' Most of the stuff that popped up was free deadmau5 on woozworld. Most of the websiutes showed pictures like this:

I just wanted to let all of you guys know that it's most likely impossible to get free deadmau5. All of the websites out there ask for your password and email to give you free deadmau5 but this is a SCAM! There are also lots of programs that you download to get free deadmau5 but most of them download viruses as well so getting free deadmau5 is not worth putting viruses on your computer. I hope you guys learn from this! Deuces ma homies!
Lots of love! <3 -xoxobubblegum