02 August 2016

Rarest Items of Woozworld + Popular Demands

It's Momo again writing today to tell you about the most rare items of Woozworld! (In no particular order.) Everyone knows that one person on Woozworld who declares whats rare and what isn't, they've been on here for at lest 4+ years and they're still kickin'. Some items become rare because they're no longer transferable, or maybe because it was a one and done item.
So, our first item is...

1.) The Filis Face
 I'm not entirely sure when this face came to Woozworld, or why it's so rare in the first place. Most likely someone famous wore it or it was sold in the Store for limited time, If and when I find out i'll let y'all know!!
Price: the highest price for a colorable one is... you guessed it 999,999 Beex and the lowest goes for 40,000 Beex

2.) Esq Hair and Face 
Personally I've been trying to get my hands on the Esq Hair for months, but I always come up short of been when I get there
(Sigh...)These babies came out Halloween of 2014, they came in three sets; Esqueleta Costume, Dolloween Costume, and Glinda Ween.
A lot of people ended up springing for the Esq and keeping it, knowing that it would get big one day, and boy howdy it DID. 
Price: the highest is 999,999 beex and the lowest is 40,000 beex (non-colorable)

3.)Cat as Hat Hair for Her:

The Cat as Hat hair was pretty rare until Wzw released it back into shopz for a limited time, its cute and they did do a spin of of this hair without the cat on top. You don't (well I don't) see it a ton in Wzw either these days, but when it first came out everyone wore it.
Price: The highest is, you guessed it again, 999,999 beex, with the lowest being 4,050 beex (non-colorable)

4.)Sandals with Tattoos:
This item has also made it's way back into Wzw for the summer (and then some.) You can pair it with basically any of the new summer items; FruitZ, Store collections, etc...
They're unisex so both boys & girls can wear them, I believe they're one of the longest on going rare in Woozworld. 
The only downside is how many private chats with you get for a pair of these babies? A TON.
Price: The highest goes for 999,999 beex with the lowest being a non-colorable 20,000 beex. 

5.)Doll Face & Dolloween Face:

The Doll face isn't as rare as the Dolloween face because it was a spin off, but also because it was re-sold in the Shopz again for 660  wooz. People will 
tell you that it is, but trust me, it isn't.
You'll see people with tons of them but will sell them for OUTRAGEOUS prices.
I had my hands on a Dolloween for at least a year, but then traded it yesterday for our our next item. 
Price: The Doll goes for 999,999 beex and the lowest goes for 15,000 (non-colorable)The Dolloween also goes for 999,999 as it's highest but has a 20,000 lowest price. 

6.)Snapdragon Sweater:

This is honestly one of my favorite sweaters of all time, I recently (just yesterday) got my hands on one of these for a BUNCH OF RARES including my Dolloween and Callie Ziegler Baseball Cap! :((
I love this burnt orange/sienna color (but didn't get this color lol.) The only problem is that sometimes and by 'sometimes' I mean A LOT of times people don't color them a nice color so it's a rare item gone to trash.
Price: 450,000 beex, lowest is 8,000 beex (it's a nasty pink lookin' color.)

7.)Deadmaus Hairs & Heads:

I have this Deadmaus5 head, it's colorable but...It's non-transferable(meaning you can't sell or trade it.)
My Friend got it for me YEARS ago, shoutout to him. They're still rare but not in much popular demand anymore due to the fact that they will never become sellable or tradable again. 
price: You can't buy them anymore

8.)Amos Top:

This was once an item in the store but was never sold again (like most items in the store.) 
I think it's a really cute sweater though, and if they bring it back again whether to shopZ or Store i'll be sure to grab one.
Price: N/A

9.)Novak Sweater:

 This is another sweater I really like, but again; people will poorly color it ruining the rare value of the item.
I like mix in pattern that it has, and it's nice that they bring it back a lot in shopZ for limited collections as well.
Price: 280,000 beex and the lowest is 10,000 (but a god awful color.)

10.) Chillmas sweater:
I looked for this on the internet and I couldn't even find a picture for it lol, I'm assuming it was a Store item that was either hacked so it could no longer be transferable or it's just so rare that no one wants to reveal it.

11.)Claude Face & Beard:

Interesting face lol.
This was popular through either the store or at one time someone famous wore it to an eventz and the whole crowd needed it.
Price: 999,999 beex and the lowest is 3,000 beex.

12.)Princess Cassandra Hair:
It's understandable that this would be rare due to the crown, I'm about 98% sure there's also a men's version of this hair too.
I was offered this hair but turned it down because once again; it was terribly colored.
Price: The highest is still...999,999 beex with the lowest being 23,000 beex.

I would be done but what's a rare list of items without popular demands and honorable mentions??

1.)Buttercup Hair:

I also got my hands on this baby yesterday, it's popular because it's very floral and summer-y, plus it's pretty cheap in the market so go get yourself one!

2.)Polkas Hairstyle

This is in popular demand in many trade centers, most likely because it looks like the tumblr hair style (half up half down bun up-do) but for those who prefer shorter hair.

3.)Callie Zielger Hair:

I parted with this yesterday as well,(it was so worth it lol.) 
I liked it a lot but it looks awkward depending on what you pair it with, but it's still in demand at many trade centers.

4.)Pascal Jeans:

I personally lOVE these jeans as well, the flannel doesn't look as awkward as the 'Slim Jeans with Sweater' and it's more realistic. 

5.)Novy Bun:

The Novy Bun is also in popular demand in trade centers, the up-do is a lot more casual than some of the other up-dos so it makes a really nice summer look. 

Well that's all for today, hopefully the next time you see me it'll be a review of the next set of outfit in the Store/ShopZ collection, and hopefully it won't be so long and detailed like this one lol.

-signing off for today,