20 May 2016

Limited Time Clothes In Shopz + Guess Who's Back?!

Hello Friends! It's Me! "Starlightforever AKA Twilight" coming back to The Woozworld Voice! There is also limited time clothes in Shopz WOOHOO! That's Right Kiddies! On with the post =) 

Example One: 

Example Two: 
These are the two examples I have. I've got to say Woozworld is actually trying hard O_O
Personally I like the Sara Collection.

The boy clothes I actually like. I used to wear boy Clothes <3 Weird fact Number 2
          Woozworld put some items to 200 Wooz and 2,000 Beex (10,000 Beex For Bundles)

                                                                                                                                                                   (THEY'RE PROBABLY RUNNING OUT OF IDEAS)

Anyways, enough about the collection. You may still be thinking why did she post in May instead of March and April?? Well I took a couple week break.
But now Twilight Has Returned!

I promise you I will be posting more <3 Bye Wonderful (=


(Yes I Even Did An Edit) =))