30 December 2016

New Blogger: Bleatystar-

Hello! o3o I'm Bleatystar- (Or Blea/Blea-chan), and I am a new blogger here on The Woozworld Voice. Here's a bit about myself.

*Many people think my real name is Hoshizora Natsumi but it isn't xD It's just the name of one of my Oc's (OC= Original Character.This term is usually used by manga or anime artists/writers.)

*I am a tomboy all the way xD But I don't mind girlish stuff from time to time.

*I absolutely LOVE the rain.

*My favorite color is blue hence my color code.

*UWAHH I love anime and manga.

*I enjoy drawing manga and I am currently working on my own little manga which does not have the best art due to me starting it during my first years of manga which was 2 years ago so yeah xD

*I like basketball :D

*I'm currently teaching myself Japanese (which is not going too well honestly)

*I am a very young person xD

There's a whole lot more about myself but this is just a bit of things to get you used to my style and stuff. I will also be posting a lot about art and diys/tutorials so look forward to that coming up soon o3o

Blea sigining out!\

Blea-Chan- (Not my art but my favorite anime character)