21 April 2017

Review: Artistic Clothing Line!

You may have noticed that Woozworld has launched a new set of store-bought outfits. Here are two reviews on Her Strongest Styles from the Store!

This is my favorite set of Store Outfits that have appeared in a long time. I love the two-toned hair on the Tori outfit and the simple, flowing burgundy shirt that Toriana has. I also love the artistic theme of inspiration and imagination (I've always really liked art and creating new things!)

First, here's a review on the Tori outfit.

The hair is very unique-I haven't seen any Woozworld hairstyle like it before. I love how it's swept up at the top, and the part of the hair looks amazing. The bun makes it look even cuter, and the ombre effect adds a nice touch.
The shirt and overalls are really pretty-they look a little like the Penny Overalls, but with long jeans.
I also like the pastel tone of the sneakers-light baby blue and a powdery pink! This looks like a very original outfit, and I would definitely want to wear this one. I would give the Tori set a 9.5/10.

The Toriana outfit is a more basic set of clothes, but I like the simplicity incorporated into the smooth, dark red shirt and the silky hair.

My favorite part of the outfit is the hairstyle, because of how natural it looks. If I had to choose one piece to wear from Toriana, it would definitely be the shiny hair.
The top borrows an old style that reminds me of the PerpetuChill top from a few months ago, but has a different scooped neckline. I like how well it goes with the rest of the outfit.
I really like the feather pattern on the leggings-it adds a little extra detail to the clothing and gives it a creative touch. The shoes are simple, but they also go well with everything. I would give this outfit a 8.5/10!

I hope you enjoyed this review :)