15 April 2014

Hey There ! :)

Hey guys! It's me, Pandabunnyluv. Yeah, I haven't been on in such a long time. A lot had happened, so I took a break from the internet for awhile.
But, I'm ready to start my job of posting on here again! I missed doing this, so very much.

Anyway, let's get to all the new stuff of Woozworld..

     BIO is, as Woozworld described on their homepage, a new feature! In the homepage, it says, "With the BIO furni, you are able to grow Plants and get some exclusive gifts out of them. You’re wondering how it works, aren’t you? It’s easy as pie and as fun as dancing Yetis! Here are a few tips on starting your virtual farmer’s life.
- You must have a Soil Patch which are available in Shopz.
Place the Soil Patch in your Unitz
Click on it and the BIO window will appear
Time to choose the type of Seed you want to grow! You’ll know if your Seed is planted by looking at your Soil Patch,notice the little bump:)
Like most Plants, your Seeds need Water and Fertilizer to help them grow. You can combine water and 3 different types of fertilizers to speed up the growth process and get closer to amazing and exclusive prizes. Once you Water your Plant, you will have to wait 60 seconds before giving the next Fertilizer/Water combo to your Plants.
Watch your flowers progress bar to know when to Harvest. Once the progress is at 100% your Plant has bloomed and is ready to be harvested!"

The Azurium Nectar
       The Azurium Nectar is primarily used for Eva and Fil's -People who came from the future- father, who's sick. The nectar of the Azurium plant is the cure for their father's sickness.

Us woozens can help! We can by getting all the materials -seeds, fertilizer, and soil patches- in the Shopz, going to your unitz, then planting the seeds on the soil patch.  It's just like farming. 

When the Azurium plant bloomed fully, you can collect the nectar. The nectar will help Eva and Fil's father. Also, when you collect the nectar, you can get a special prize!

New Easter Outfits! --Eggster Costumes--
   The new Easter Outfits are either Bunnies (Easter Bunny) and the Chicks. The outfits are available in the Store, where the Bunny Costume costs 4.99 and the Chick 4.99 as well. If you'd like to get both, it's cost is 9.99. Are you going to buy these eggmazing costumes!?

Well, that's all the news for today! Remember, that I'll be trying to post often now! :)

PandaBunnyluv <3 Blogger