25 April 2014

WoozStyle : Week 1!

Hey guys! Kpkeila here. Today I am going to introducing a feature, WoozStyle! This is my first contribution to it, so it's basically in beta testing. Every week I am going to give you 3 outfits to spice up your inventory or give your woozen some new fashion ideas! Enjoy!

I present my first outfit: Chic Casual.

With this outfit, I was going for a stylish, business looking outfit that still had a hint of casual, So I included the tied, button down shirt. Then, to make the outfit pop, I add volume to her hair with semi-curly hair. And to finish off the look, I added some sweetheart open toe paradise sandals. I hope this would be an outfit you wear to a Woozworld interview, or a job just to make you good looking and equally professional looking. Here are the names of the outfit items to get you started!

And now I bet you guys are like, "Ugh, don't mention work OR school. This is why I'm at this blog, to take a BREAK!" Well, I'll throw in a rebellion outfit and even a rebel hair just to bring up the mood!

Laid-Back Sassy is the perfect outfit to make your outfit look hip, comfortable, and stylish! Did I hear a woot-woot? So now, into the outfit. According to some other woozens admiring me when I had this outfit on, they pointed out that this shirt was not in Shopz anymore and wasn't sold by anyone. Sorry! If you cant find this top, I hope you can find another shirt to balance of the awesomeness packed into this outfit. Proud to say the shoes part of this outfit was influenced by Zendaya! The names of the items in this outfit to get you started:

And last but not least, and awesome, relaxed outfit that is simple, cute, comfortable, and totally styling! Check out: Everyday Boho, for being stylish and relaxed in the comfort of your own Unitz!
I present to you: Everyday Boho. The first part of the outfit is a very lovely braid. The braid is so elegant yet so low maintenance that you don't have worry about your hair getting messed up while you walk around your room, careless! and now, the shirt. A cute slip on-button up shirt with a nice belt that brings the outfit together. And after that, shorts. Because everyone loves shorts. They make you feel free! And what's better than shorts? Denim shorts! EVEN THE BIRDS OUTSIDE WILL BE CAWING AT YOU FASHION SENSE. And to complete this look: fringe boot-slippers. Because everyone know you aren't walking around your house in Jordan's. So why not have cute boots that feel like slippers? Exactly. And now the items in this set to get you started:

Okay readers, that's it for today! Like the new WoozStyle? Comment below or give this post a rating so we can do more fashion! Thanks loves, bye!