05 June 2015

New Outfits!!!!

Hiya peeps! Ugh that makes me sound too cheery. But why can't I be cheery? Its summer!!!! WOOOOOH HOOOOO! And, woozworld has treated us to brand new outfits. Well, I should say half new oufits .-.
See what I mean? Somethings look familar? Yes. SummerFest- includes PROMBER SKIRT and ISOLDE HEELS! Unfortunate for the people who bought both the the PROMBER and the Isolde oufit because the could have had a mini 3-in-1. SummerFree- looks like heidiva sandals And the exclusive vip shorts.... .-. Shame... BUTTTTTT I AM happy about the shorts because they are fab. So is the mazing crop top:)  ok thats all for now.... New Signout photo!
The Reals <3