04 July 2015

Farewell to Camp Harmony!

Hey guys! It's kpkeila! I am sooo sooo sorry for the lack of posts. Now, I will setup the email and activity to my phone so I can respond to you guys faster! But on the other hand...

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(to my American woozens!)

On Monday, June 29th, Camp Harmony closed it's doors. It's been running since April 24th, 2015. Also I will be very busy during July (I'm going to Oregon! Yay!) and Camp Harmony was in for it. So, I made this video feautring photos of camp, submitted by campers, staff, and me! (Note: There were no pictures of lazer tag because of lag and because of how much fun everyone was having.)
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Don't worry Camp Harmony isn't closed forever. We will be opening it back up in November 2015! You can sign up for it here: http://thecampharmony.blogspot.com/

Have a safe 4th of July, woozens!