09 November 2016

Awkward moments most players have experienced

     °Most Awkward Moments On°

Hi bunniiieess!! R.I.P. to the regular posts I said I'd do but school as you probably know is stressful. And don't get me started on the election. But without further a do finally a post. As the title said I will be listing awkward moments most players have experienced in Woozworld.

1. That awkward moment when someone is wearing something you sold in the market place.

I mean you can't really blame the person. Because of course if you buy something from the market place your going to wear it.

2. That awkward moment when everyone hasn't  spawned in the room so you choos a place to stand and you accidentally stand on someone 

I've done this many times. It's not only awkward but embarrassing aswell.

3. That awkward moment when your trying to type something related to the topic but your too late.

I can't even count how many times I've done this especially on the app . If you don't know what I mean here is an example:

Person 1: awwwee my dog is so cute
Person 2: *types response*
Person 1: she died a few years ago
Person 2: *finally finishes response*  omg, I love cute dogs she must be so fun to pet and play with.
Person 1: yeah when she was alive ;-;
Person 2: *mentally face palms*

4. That awkward moment when you want to say something serious but woozworld blocks it.

This is so irritating, I understand how Woozworld blocks bad words since Woozworld is technically a kids game. But sometimes it goes too far like chill Woozworld.

5. That awkward moment when your trying to hang and chill with a guy freind or boy friend and some random beginner girl tries to flirt with him.

I don't want to follow the stereotype that all beginners are thirsty but... Nevermind almost 88% of the time they are.  I have no idea what makes them this way but let's all take into the fact that we all (maybe not all) started out as thirsty noobs.

Anyway that's it for this post hope you all enjoyed. 
Pastel bunny out