19 November 2016

πŸŽ‚ Max's Birthday Maze Quiz Answers πŸŽ‚

Hello Woozens, AnimeLegend posting. Today is MaxWooz's birthday! He not only did a game show, but also made a quiz! It was supposed to be released on Monday, but I guess he released it early.

This is actually a pretty cool quiz. Before starting the quiz, there is a mini maze. Only one tile leads to the start of the quiz. I circled it in red in the picture below.

(Couldn't get a crystal clear picture, there was a lot of Woozens!)
When you click on that tile, you can now start the quiz. Here are your awaited answers:
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Your prize for today is 50 beex, 5 wooz and a Big Head (I wrote bobble head, oops)! The big head is the Warrior Max Big Head. Here's how it looks like:

And that's the scoop! Thanks for reading this long post, and see you next time! Tootles!