22 April 2013


Hello Woozens! Today I have a present for you - a BRAND NEW CONTEST! And the name of this contest is : WOOZ FOR VIEWZ! Ever since our blog launched on April 18, we were lucky enough to get 746 views (as of right now while im writing this post) which is VERY spectacular, figuring we've only been open for a week! Anyway, we've been trying to get people to notice us because of us just opening, so that is why I created this contest to get us a jump start!
 People Currently in the contest:

These are the instructions of the contest:

First, each person who would like to participate for the prize of-

1st place - 500 Wooz
2nd Place- 250 Wooz
3rd Place - 100 Wooz

You will have to message me (kpkeila) on woozworld saying-
"Hi, my name is ________ and I would like to enter you contest, Wooz for Viewz."
 Then You will be entered in the ballot.

Your goal in Wooz For ViewZ is to recruit asmany people to our blog as possible. Then, you have to have them prove that they actually viewed our website by commenting on this post saying who told them to join and what their name on woozworld is, and under NO circumstance can YOU write for ANYBODY. They have to do it THEMSELVES. The person with the most recruits will take home the grand prize and bragging rights.


Each woozen you tell to join equals to one point to you. If a person you tell to join has a profile or isnt signed in as anonymous will give you 2 points. If someone you asked to joins decides to partake in the contest means you get 3 extra points.


Your deadline is: May 11, 2013
No recruiting yourself. No making new woozens just to enter, because we can tell which ones are real and which are not. Asking family members outside of woozworld to join is O.K., as long they have physical proof. If someone your recruited joins the contest, that is equal to three points.

Good Luck on The Contest! -kpkeila