18 April 2013

We Need People for Our New Music Videos Below!

Dear Reader -
Ever wanted to be a Youtube Star/ Sensation? Well now you can! We are holding auditions for a WMV (Woozworld Music Video). Here are the songs (so study em hard!)

Kimbra's Cameo Lover
Foxes/Adventure Club - Youth (Dubstep Remix)
Macklemore's Thrift Shop
So you wan't to sign up right? Great. Comment with this form below!

Key: Questions with asterisk (*) labeled before them are required. (But Fill out all of the fields to get a higher chance of being accepted!)
Audition Form

1) *Name (Woozworld):
2) *Song Name:
3)  Time Zone:
4) *Experience In Photography or Video Of Some Sort:
5) What Do You Think Needs To Be Added To Our Site?:
6)   Comments/Remarks: