07 June 2014

New Woozworld Game - Lucky Duck

Hey everybody! It's you girl kpkeila back, blogging for the summer! So, today, I'm going to blogging about a new game i've discovered called Lucky Duck. So you'll learn the rules to this game and get some snaps of the game in action. Also, all credit for the game goes to HiHowYerDoin for inventing it.

Here is a snapshot of the game in action.

Here are the rules:
1. As you can see in the picture, there are multiple colors that each player gets to stand on.
2. The owner spins the color spinner.
3. Whichever color the spinner lands on, the person that is on that color picks who is out.
4. Then, they will spin the happy or sad whell.
5. If it lands on happy, the person picked out stays. If it lands on sad, the person pick out is out.
4. Anyone gets to choose whether to stay on the color or switch to another color. They also only have 10 seconds to move to another color, or they are out.

That's it! Now just check the events to see when the game is being hosted!

Again, all credit for the game goes to HiHowYerDoin!