16 June 2014

New Blogger Here c; Gpowell1234

Hi I'm Gpowell1234

"Only you have the key that will let my demons free"

But you can call me Gg. I have been a member of Woozworld for about four years. I'm older than Myawooz! Anyway, first things first, I'm on my moms laptop right now but i do have a computer. 

Recently, there have been glitches on Woozworld, in which you couldn't write on your wall. When you pressed 'send or enter' it ended up being  heart. Me, my opinion, Ww needs to fix all glitches faster. 

About me:

I'm really really weird. 

c: Thats all. Hope you enjoy me being apart of this blog.
This is me Gpowell1234 bu ti'm not wearing this clothing at this time.