07 June 2014

OmgGirl200D's Photo Contest

Hey everybody! It's kpkeila here reporting to you with a fab photo contest that you should totally join. It's run by one of my friends on Woozworld. Her name is OmgGirl200D, and she's made a video to inform you about the photo contest, so I'll go ahead and post the video.
So anyways, like it says in the video, the prizes are:
First Place : 20,000 Beex
Second Place: 10,000 Beex
Third Place : 5,000 Beex
Fourth Place : 2,500 Beex
Fifth Place : 1,250 Beex



  • Take a pretty photo of YOURSELF!
  • You must put it in an album named: OMG Girl's Photo contest
  • You must get as many woozups as possible!
  • Don't forget to message her that you entered!
So, the woozworld voice team will help you get woozups, just by posting you woozworld name in the comment, and we'll go and woozup your photo!

So woozens, since there is fourth and fifth place, you have better odds of winning you some beex! I don't know about you but this seems like a very cool contest, and I think you should enter.

Thanks all for right now woozens!