01 March 2017

Beex and Wooz: Handy tips to save and invest on WZW!

No matter what game it is, there will always be that one rich player who has everything, and can literally purchase anything at their convenience with no worries about money shortages. However, it's not easy to get to the point where you can just buy whatever you want without thinking of a budget first. Here are some tips for helping you increase your funds, whether you shop in the Marketplace, in other Woozens' stores, or the Shopz in the corner of your screen.


1.) Complete your daily activities.
You might think they're worthless, giving you only tiny bits of currency that amount to around one pair of old ski boots. But if you're patient enough to do it, you can save up tens of thousands of Beex over time, like I did (and then go on a shopping spree, instead of pooling all your current savings on one item.) You can find these in the Activity center in the hotbar under the chatbox.

2.) Sell the best items that you never actually wear.
I have a habit of keeping rare items in my closet 'just in case.' However, when I finally give in and put them on sale instead of letting them sit there never-worn, I get a ton of extra cash that I could use to spend on new things I actually want.

3.) Put old but still wanted items in the Marketplace.
There is always some point where you get tired of wearing a piece of clothing after a while. An example is Store outfits, because the Woozworld team is always coming out with super-new styles. If you have anything you're starting to get bored with, you should definitely put it up for sale! (Of course, even if it's going out of style, your priority should be what you want, and if you're going to wear something, you should totally keep it :D) 


1.) Watch advertisements for Wooz.
This is my only piece of advice for saving up Wooz. It's a lot like the Activity Center: tedious, dull, and repetitive. You complete a few every day. But eventually, if you watch a few advertisements for Wooz every single day (let's say you watch three, which amounts to fifteen Wooz,) you will eventually save up a bunch of those golden coins for special events in the Shopz where you can spend them. If you keep up a habit of watching three advertisements each day, that's 15 Wooz per day, and in just one week, you'll have just over 100 Wooz!

Hope you enjoyed this article on how  to save money. See you next time!