10 June 2017

🎥Famous Woozens🎥

Guess who's back, back again? Ola Amigos! Today I am doing something a little different. I will be doing..... THE MOST FAMOUS WOOZENS ON WOOZWORLD 2017!
Let's start!!

1) Fabpinksugar (Famous for her sales and going to numerous events)
2) NikkiMath (Goes to numerous events hosted by woozband)
3) Sunset916 (Her trade center)
4) Glitz7 (For all the drama she has caused)
5) jhonAY (jhonAY's trade center and being married to KARLAZEN)
6) Latinlover00 (the ducky team and helping new woozens)
7) ME OBVIOUSLY! (for being amazing all the time c;) jk jk
8) 911Swag (for her high school and hosting many games)

I hope you enjoyed this blog post, you guys! Got any more you can think of? Message me on Woozworld: December25th

Adios Amigos!