10 June 2017

❓ Facts about me ❓

Ola Amigos!! It is I, December25th. I will be giving some information about me! There will be more if I do become a blogger but here is some facts about me. C:

Fact 1: I am 16 years old.
Fact 2: I have been playing Woozworld 8 years.
Fact 3: I hate burgers and sausages.
Fact 4: My favourite colour is Pastel Yellow.
Fact 5: I have been hacked 6 times.
Fact 6: My favourite food is Pizza.
Fun Fact: I have freckles exactly on the same place on each of my ears.

I do hope you enjoyed this small fact file about me! Like I said there will be a bigger Fact File about me if I become an official blogger.


Recently it has been announced that woozworld prom is here. Many woozens have been speculating if at Woozworld Prom... MAX WILL ASK OUT JENNY! It is not officially a fact but many do think it. Even me. some even think Jay will ask out Jenny! Both J's. I wonder what will happen?

Adios Amigos!