10 June 2017

πŸ’„ Colour Codes πŸ’„

Ola amigos!! I am your new trial blogger! I have found some new cc for you guys! I will be personally matching these cc with the new outfits and with other stuff. Maybe some gossip as well for you at the end we will have to see! C;

1) For CuteSummer I believe these two colour codes can go together with this outfit. 56A5EC and  FFFFFF (White)                                                                                   2) For BlosSummer I believe these 2 colour codes can go together with this outfit
9172EC  and  728FCE                                               9172EC


And for the last outfit, I want you to decide which colour codes look best on them. Message me on woozworld what you think! User: December25th


1) Babygirlskarlett (scammed a girl of her Quin)
2) -liviii- (scammed a girl of wooz, beex and rares)
3) xKael (left when someone gifted him)

That was it for today guys! I hope you liked my first trial blog! 
Adios! xoxo