11 July 2015

New July Outfits! +Rare Sale Later

Hey guys,
        Sorry for the inactivity recently. I've been really busy. But now that it's summer, I can Guarantee that me and the other bloggers are gonna give you updates ASAP for any news coming. Well Woozens, let's get this post on the road XD,
        First, outfits. The new outfits are here! I would be excited, but their terribly BLAND!. Om  the only fashion-forward item is the JULYANA ponytail. I mean it's pretty cute. The other outfit is so peasant looking no offense. Not at all, summery. 

Second: RARE SALE. Starting today, at about 11:00pm wooz time (sorry so late, I'm busy) I'll be selling the totallytublar outfit and the swiftastic outfit at my unitz. Those who are friends will have first acess, before it gets to crowded. I am expecting to be on hot unitz, as I was before. So stop by! I will open once everyone's there. Each piece will be less then 10k! So come!!!! Yah XD