08 July 2015

Unitz Ideas

Hey guys, its kpkeila!
So I know us woozens are guilty of having a ton of empty units but a good amount of furniture. Are you burned out of unitz ideas? Well here is a list of ideas to do with your units, other than the regular cafe, hotel, adoption center, singles party, etc.

1. Carnival

2. Live Entertainment Cafe

3. Movie Theater

4. Aquarium

5. Bar

6. Airport

7. Spa

8. Arcade

9. Skate park

10. Red Carpet

11. Party Central

  Alot of these unitz are great works of art by pearlsnow, the Woozworld Queen of Unitz. Please support her by voting her unitz! That's all for today woozens! If I get enoug hresponse from this post, I will make a Unitz Ideas #2.