16 November 2013

Black Market's Shortage of Our Favorite Goodies?

Hey Everyone, kpkeila here!

 We all know Woozworld is a fun place to hang out with friends, chat, etc. But is it really just out to take as much money as  they can from us? I mean, back in 2011, we didn't have these problems. Ever since woozworld's dramatic change in 2012, they have been very thirsty for our money!
  • First, they add very annoying ads to the side for Non-Vips
  • Shape up whatever deal they can make so woozens can buy
  • Disabled alot of features and modified the toolbar.
As if Woozworld was already thirsty for enough money, they are still looking for more ways to make some money! They realized that Zombie legs were very popular. So they raised the price to about 1,000+ wooz and REMOVED ZOMBIE LEGS FROM THE BLACK MARKET!

How juvenile is that? The Woozworld staff are taking advantage of the money your parents work hard for, so think twice about spending your money on this game.