20 November 2013

WNS' First Rockstars - Where Are They Now?

Hey Everybody - kpkeila here!
I was passing by Star Dome today and I noticed all of the first WNS winners are the top of elevator, being displayed proudly. Then I starting searching some of their names and thinking, where are they now? Let's take a look.
Woah! Starstruck much?
Ashley is the one that saddened me the most. Not only did she get off on the wrong track, she destroyed her celebrity image by trashing some girl on her Woozin Status! And to add on to that fact, she hasn't logged onto Woozworld in about a year. She has all her fans turning against her on her Woozin. Atleast she is rocking a green cap, blonde hair, and a pink and black shiny jacket.

Unlike Ashley, Hershys was the most respected/liked diva out of the group. She never failed to please her fans. Infact, even though she stated that she was too old was grew out of the game, she still visited this Summer 2013 to visit her fans! In her status she posted "Summer Visiting Over! I love and miss all of you and was very sad not to be able to see everybody. ily! bye! xoxo"
What a sweetheart. And to add on to her sweetness, she is also rocking some purple hair (which nobody can pull off!) and matching makeup. Long Live Hershys!
Deminator101 was the most up-to date person on Star Dome. She was banned because (as she stated) "Woozworld cannot let anyone express their individuality without bringing them down. However i'm not letting them bring me down" and with that, she created her new account Denimator01 which shortly after being created was inactive again. I guess they did bring her down! Denimator101 did not consider herself as a popular person and often hung out and dated Woozworld regulars.

LaurenRoxs00000 was also another one of the well liked people of the group. She did however consider herself popular and treated "poors" like crap. Lauren has not logged in in a year.
Bellabut acted like a regular woozen. She decorated herslf normally with a long blonde hairdo and white cap with a tube tope. She is most appreciated for her expression and love for PewDiePie. Lots of other PewDiePie fans have also commented on her wall. She hasn't logged on in 6 months.

Hope85  was also another Woozworld regular. She hasn't logged on in 11 days

Lee didn't do anything much after her success in WNS. In fact, she reguarlly hang out at "Street" and was considered a streeter. Shortly after that she quit Woozworld and played Roblox.

What do you think Readers, did these Woozens waist their fame potential for everyday lives? Would you have done the same? Write your opinion in the comments!