20 November 2013

Hey guys!

Hey guys! This is xbetterthenyoux, I'm new here and I guess I'll tell you guys 15 things about me! :)

1. My real name is Leslie
2. I still play woozworld ;)
3. I'm 13
4. Turning 14 in February
5. I love dub step... best thing ever :)
6. I have kik.. Don't be shy to ask for user name if you want ^.^
7. My favorite color is blood red
8. I'm mostly on my ipod
9. I directed to my woozworld name to my friend in real, who played woozworld but quit
10. I'm known to fail a lot on woozworld
11. xXAidanXx is my boy bff :3
12. I read books from wattpad
13. I love soccer :)
14. My favorite basketball team is Miami Heat
15. I have brown hair :O

Well that's it! bye guys and see you soon :3

I'll try and get a picture off me too (my woozworld account one).