19 January 2017

ICETRAVAGANZA~ which side will you choose?

Hey Woozens! 

It's Steph Purple, coming to you with another blog!

Me! ~ sashacatt
Recently there has been some issues in Woozworld regarding the Ice Queen and Jack Frost...
Jack insists they talk about there past but she just won't budge! What does this mean you say? ICETRAVAGANZA!

First off can I just say how amazing their styles are?

I couldn't get full outfits I'm sorry guys!

Wanna get involved? Choose a side either the Ice Queen, or Jack Frost. Once you've picked a side you get two items, with those two items you can defeat the other side! (Be sure to wear the items)

Which side will you choose?

Till next time, keep smiling!

~ Steph purple