01 January 2017

New Years Fashion

Hey, guys, I'm here to wish you guys a happy New Year but also to show you guys the score with outfits from the store.

They're amazing and really cheap! Here are the girl outfits - 

You can get these all 3 stylish outfits that are supposed to be the price of $10 but if you purchase this collection you also get another one of the outfits for free instead of it costing $14!

Now let's talk about the boy outfits, not only are they amazing but they're also cheap! Now here are the boy's outfits - 

If you buy this collection of 3 stylish outfits you can get one outfit free! These are some amazing outfits to kick off the New Year!

Now I hope you guys liked these outfits and the amazing deals! You guys can get these outfits, but only for a limited time! I'll see you guys next time! Have a happy New Year, Lexieby signing off.