17 January 2017

New Trial Blogger

Hey woozens! My name's Steph purple but you can call me steph, or if you prefer to call me my woozen name : sashacatt

I'm super stoked to be a trial blogger on here and sharing some  super cute outfits or unitz etc...

Now, since this is my very first time posting i'd like to share some things about myself!

~ As you can tell my favorite color is purple.
~ my hobbies are drawing. I will try my best to work on a Woozworld drawing and share it with you all!
~ I'm in a choir for my school. I love to sing.
~ I really enjoy gaming on my Xbox one. Halo, 7 days to die, minecraft, COD, etc...
~ Lastly, I'm a Youtuber! I do videos in games like Woozworld, The Sims 4, And IMVU. So check it out when you get a chance! : GamingWithStephPurple

That's all folks! Until next time, keep smiling!

~Steph Purple